English Translation

We have started the English translation of our Objectives and Key results book! The original idea to write the book in Finnish was based on the understanding that there are quite many books about Objectives and Key results already. During the writing process, we realised that we have a more practical method than the books that were written at the time. Therefore, it makes sense to translate the text to a broader audience.

The unique advantage of the book

The unique advantage of the book is that it provides practical and coherent guidelines on how to start to use objectives and key results in an organisation to increase strategical agility. We aren’t writing about OKR superpowers but we are explaining how to distil objectives from a strategy, and how to implement the objectives in a company. The model is simple, but implementing the required transformation in a company is a tremendous change initiative.

Table of contents

Currently, the table of the contents of the book in English is the following:

  1. Introduction –How OKRs makes strategy concrete
  2. OKR Theory
  3. OKR Planning and tracking
  4. OKR Implementation
  5. Expectation management and leading people
  6. Crossing the valley of death
  7. What to do after the start

Chapters about OKR Theory and planning and tracking lay the foundation for the model. After the theory, the practicality of the book is very tangible. We provide advice on

  • what to expect during the initial launch of the model, and how the problems can be tackled,
  • what kind of team is needed to implement the transformation,
  • how to run OKRs along with a quality management system like ISO 9000
  • what are the standard arguments against OKRs, and how to communicate about the arguments. 

Your case to the book

At the time the idea is to translate the book as it is in Finnish, but we have also been considering adding new cases to the text. If you have a case you think should be added to the English translation of the book, please email Henri at sora@iki.fi.

Contact us to be reminded

Also, if you are interested in getting reminded when the translation is available, please email Henri at sora@iki.fi. We don’t use the addresses for any other purpose.